About Loving Life Service Pets

A message from Loretta Parker, CEO & Founder, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Our company, Loving Life Service Pets, is different from other companies because you will not be referred to a licensed mental health professional, you will work directly with me! When people qualify for a mental health diagnosis, they will become a client of mine and I will provide solution-focused therapeutic interventions. These interventions will include working with a support animal.

As a licensed mental health professional, working with individuals, couples, families and companies, I know first hand how animals can help people living with a variety of mental health conditions. Sometimes people get confused about an Emotional Support Animal compared to a Service Animal, and I help educate clients about the difference. Emotional Support Animals do not replace Service Animals, they are used to help with mental and physical health issues.

By having an Emotional Support Animal clients can choose to get the support from their animal rather than using medication. Other clients may need more than emotional support, and have a dog that has been trained to help them with mental health symptoms. For example, if a person is living with high levels of anxiety that lead to panic attacks, the dog can be trained to pick up on signals that their owner is going into a panic attack and provide deep pressure therapy by placing their paw on the owner’s chest. This will help ground the owner and stop them going into a state of panic.

Since Loving Life Service Pets only serves California and Arkansas, we have done our research on the laws for support animals in these states, and meet the requirements necessary to have a letter that meets the law criteria. We do this so you don’t have to worry about your landlord or travel agency rejecting the letter.

I’m not only a licensed mental health professional, I’m also the owner of a service dog, Bella who helps me with my symptoms of anxiety and depression. So I know personally, living life without your furry companion, can make it difficult to love life. That’s why, getting your letter through Loving Life Service Pets will be something you don’t need to worry about, and you can love life WITH your pet!


Loretta Parker, owner of Loving Life Service Pets with her dog Bella, her emotional support animal and psychiatric service dog

Our mission...

is to keep your support animal by your side!

Why Choose Loving Life Service Pets?

California and Arkansas Specialist

We serve California and Arkansas and have focused on gaining the knowledge needed to follow the federal and state laws to ensure you are obtaining a letter that is compliant with housing and travel requirements.

Professional Mental Health Professionals who care

Our mental health professionals are compassionate, knowledgeable and creative when providing you with short term solution focused therapy. Therapists offer a variety of options for the mental health services required to meet the California law for a support animal.

We are here for you

We offer customer support if you need assistance with questions from your landlord or travel agency. Just email us at support@lovinglifeservicepets.com.

Letters that work

Our letters are legitimate and will be accepted by landlords and/or travel agencies. If your letter does not work for you, we will refund your money. 

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Receive your 100% legitimate ESA or PSD letter from a licensed mental health professional